An Affair Saved My Man/Short Story/ Candace Gold

Title: An Affair Saved My Man

Author: Candace Gold
Title: An Affair Saved My Man
Genre: Cub Bite Confession
 Synopsis: Debbie feels blessed that she and her husband, Scott, have a wonderful marriage and two terrific kids. When terrorists bomb the building Scott is working in, she fears that all is lost. She calls and calls, but Scott's phone goes directly to his voice mail. Going absolutely out of her mind, Debbie has to know one way or the other and rushes downtown to the site of the bombing hoping to get answers but is turned away by a policeman. She returns home and starts calling Scott's phone again, even though the news says there were no survivors on the floor where his company was located. But then, the most unbelievable thing happens. He answers.

Website: Lady Leo Publishing
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