Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Is Your Man Gay Or (He's Just Metrosexual)

Ladies, have you ever dated  or been attracted to a man that was as feminine as you are, but he wasn't Gay? How did you deal with his tendencies? Was it a problem for you?

These are questions that came up during a discussion my girlfriends found ourselves in one weekend.  One of my girlfriends was telling us about a young man she began dating in her office, a couple of months ago. She bragged about how well things are going between them, she believes he is the man for her. He's handsome. Educated. Earns six figures. Sounds like a dream man to me. What could be wrong?

 "People thinks he's Gay." She said. She admits, he does display some female tendencies that would having people scratching their heads, but says, her man is heterosexual.

I'm sure you wondering, what are these tendencies? I will get to those in a moment. Before I do, let me share with you a incident of my own. It happened while, I was working as a Unit Secretary for Labor&Delivery, some years ago.

One evening while on the 3-11p.m. shift, a young woman came into the ward. After being examined, it was determined that she was in labor. She was admitted. She informed me that the father of the child and a few friends were on their way to the hospital to be by her side.

Several hours later, her visitors arrived. The group consisted of  two men and a woman. One of the young men, I believed to be gay. He had the tendencies. His speech. His mannerisms. It was obvious to me that he wasn't the father.

I gave instructions that the patient request the father of the child be allowed in the delivery suite, and the other visitors would have to take a seat in the Waiting Area.

To my surprise, the young man that had the tendencies, was the Father. Now I don't know the full story behind their relationship. I mean, he could have been a close friend. Her lover. Her brother. Brother-in-law. Curious as I was, I didn't ask. I can only confirm, he stated emphatically that he was the father, and he signed his name on the birth certificate.

That incident has stuck with me all of these years. I have been curious to know how a straight man could act gay. So, I decided to do research. I came across the term "Metrosexual."

Wikipedia.com describes "Metrosexual," a man meticulous about his grooming and appearance, particularly a heterosexual man who adopt fashions and lifestyle associated with a homosexual man."

I then followed that up going to Urbandictionary.com to see what they had to say about "Metrosexual" I found the quiz helpful. I'll just hit the high lights.

 Your man might be "Metrosexual" if:

  • He can't walk past a Banana Republic without making a purchase
  • He owns just as many pairs of shoes that you do, half a dozen pairs of sunglasses, watches, and owns a man purse
  • He sees a Stylist instead of a Barber
  • He can prepare a three course meal, whip up breakfast all from scratch
  • He wears only boxer briefs
  • He shaves more than his face (You know what I mean). He exfoliates and moisturizes
  • He wouldn't be caught dead in a pick up truck
  • He can't go a day with hair styling products
  • No beer for this man. It must be wine (vintage)
  • He is flattered that men hits on him and find him attractive, but this man prefers to get intimate with women (only)

Since doing research on "Metrosexual," I asked my girlfriend what tendencies  her boyfriend displayed. She admitted that their were a few, but wouldn't name them. What about you? Could you man be "Metrosexual?"

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