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Top Soulful Artist Of The 70's?

The Jackson Five
I remember listening to Al Green's "Let's Stay Together," on the living room Hi- Fi Stereo System. My mother played it over and over. I must have heard it a thousand times. She loved Al Green. I admit back then he was one of my favorite soul singers. How could he not be? I couldn't help but love his rich, soulful voice. Some people say his songs produce a lot of babies. I was too young to understand at the time what they meant but as I got older, I understood what they meant. I grew to appreciate the raw passion of his lyrics.

While I enjoyed the vocal skills of Al Green, another of my favorite groups was, Parliament Funkadelic.  I mean, who could forget the landing of the Mothership?  The member wearing nothing but a diaper on stage. Talk about weird. But they left the fans mesmerized. What about the cute and sexy boy band, "The Jackson Five?" Everyone had there favorite members.  I had a huge crush on Marlon Jackson. The handsome and quiet one. I still find those qualities in men today.

 Since then I've attended many concerts but none comes close to the euphoria, I felt when I attended a Michael Jackson concert in Atlanta, Ga. in 1992. It was THE concert of all concerts. It was Michael, the stage, the songs, the crouch grabbing, the dancing and the crowd. To this day he is the only performer that I know of that has his own fall out (faint) tent. No other artist has come close to his super star status.

There are many other men, groups I enjoyed listening to back then: Earth, Wind&Fire, LTD,
Marvin Gaye and Barry White to name a few.

I can't forget the soulful ladies of the 70's. Girl groups like "The Emotions," were popular. I remember dancing around the house singing "Best Of My Love" and" Flowers" in a hair brush. It's hard not to love these ladies.

Who can forget, Patti Labelle and the Bluebelles," Lady Marmalade?" The outlandish space-age suits, fierce hairstyles and Patti's vocals is something we can never forget.

Of course, I can't overlook the lovely, smooth voice of " Minnie Ripperton" she was taken from us too soon, yet she left us with memorable songs like, "Lovin You" and "Inside My Love" She has been a inspiration to many and upcoming artists but none has come close to the impact on music that she left behind.

I'm a avid listeners to the soulful sounds of the 70's. In my opinion, there is no other decade for music. The singers, the fashion, the glamour, and the voices still have a effect on me today. I decided to put together a short list of some of my favorite songs to share with you.

This is only a small fraction of some my favorite songs from the Soulful 70's. The list is too long and there are too many great artists and song. What was your favorite song? Who were your favorite 70's Soulful artist?

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                                                         Soulful Sounds Of The 70's


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