Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Turn To Me (Poem) Sammie Ward


Turn To Me

I follow in your footsteps, turn to me

There is no one else my heart seeks

When I reach out, do not leave my hand free

Accept me in your arms, there is no other place I want to be

My soul awakens whenever you are near

Affection for you, I have made clear

Do not push me away in fear of doubt

These lips have confessed, it is you I cannot live without

Turn to me, my heart do not neglect

It is you, I live to protect

With me there is no worry

My love is never in a hurry

Beside me is where you should be

Caring, loving you is what you shall see

Just turn to me

Sammie Ward is a Author/Writer/Publisher. Don't forget to follow her at Twitter and Facebook

Copyright(c) 2015  Sammie Ward

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