Monday, April 20, 2015

This Woman Is Fierce (Poem)

This Woman Is Fierce

Is it the flavor of my chocolate brown skin
The color of my eyes
Make a man look twice, you better recognize
Is it the tone of my thighs
The roundness of my buttocks
Make a man think, my treasures he can unlock
It is the longness of my legs
The firmness of my breasts
Make a man think, I am a easy conquest
Is it the sway of my hips
The roundness of my lips
Make a man, mind slip
It is all of my beauty, I cannot lie
 I am a fierce black woman, I won't deny
 Make a man, break down and cry
 Is it wise to question my purpose
 May a man, never question the thought
 When God created me, he was just showing off

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Copyright(c) 2015 Sammie Ward


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