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God Different Names And Their Meanings

To Him Be The Glory

I have only known God by one name. I have called him by that name more times that I can remember. After all, he is God. He wants us to seek him out in time of need. But what name do we call him by? He has so many names. What are God's different names and their meaning? It can be confusing, which name to use. I believe we should call upon the name that will help us pray with God. Regardless of what name you use, HE will answer.

GOD Different Names:

1. Elohim- means "God" or power

2. Adonai-means "Lord" master or owner

3. Jehovah/Yahweh- means "God's existence" Genesis 2:4 Exodus 3:14

4. Jehovah/Maccaddeshem- means the LORD that sanctifies Exodus 31:13

5. Jehovah/Shammah-means the LORD who is present Ezekiel 48:35

6. Jehovah/Rapha-means the LORD who heals Exodus 15:26

7. Jehovah/TsidKenu-means the LORD our righteous Jeremiah 23:6

8. Jehovah/Nissi-means the LORD is our banner Exodus 17:15

9. Jehovah/Jireh-means the LORD who provides Genesis 22:13-14

10. Jehovah/Shalom-means the LORD of peace Judges 6:24

11. Jehovah/Rohi-means the LORD is my shepherd Psalm 23

12. Jehovah/Sabbaoth-means the LORD of Hosts Isaiah 6:1-3

13. Jehovah/Gmolah-means God of recompense or rewards Jeremiah 51:6

14. El-Elyon-means the most high God Genesis 14-17-20 Isaiah 14:13-14

15. El-Roi- means the strong one who sees Genesis 16:13

16 El-Shaddai-means God of the mountains, or God almighty Genesis 17:1 Psalm 91:1

17 El-Olam-means everlasting God Isaiah 40: 28-31

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