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Ghost Talk- Flash Fiction(Part 1)

Gabrielle Pearce

Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old, Gabrielle Pearce was involved in a tragic car accident, that left her in a coma for six months. After waking up, she doesn't remember anything about that night, which took the life of her mother, and left her with the ability to see and talk to ghosts.

Ghost Talk-Wake Up

"All I remember was a bright light coming toward me," Gabrielle Pearce explained to Dr. Walter Tindle," and then everything went black. The next thing I know, I'm waking up in the hospital."

"And you remember nothing before that? Where you were? Who you met?" Detective Jacob Pearce inquired. "Where you were going?"

"No," Gabrielle ran a hand through her black shoulder-length hair. She was trying hard to remember but she couldn't. "Nothing."

Detective Pearce threw Dr. Tindle a worried expression. "Amnesia?"

"That's what it sounds like," Dr. Tindle said. "We will know more once we do more tests."

"Shouldn't you have done those tests already?" Detective Pearce argued. "She's been in a coma six months."

"There was no way for us to know, she would have amnesia."Dr. Tindle explained. "Now that we know we can try to determine what is causing it."

Gabrielle slid down in the bed. She's been in a coma six-months. She frantically looked around. "What are you mean, I've been in a coma?"

Detective Pearce pulled a chair and sat closer to the bed. "You and your mother, my sister, Ashley was involved in a terrible car accident."

Gabrielle bit down on her lower lip. She felt a cold chill coursed through her body. She didn't know how but she had a feeling her mother  didn't survive the accident.

"Mother is dead," Gabrielle swallowed the lump in her throat. "Isn't she?"

Detective Pearce dipped his head. " I'm afraid so. It was a severe thunderstorm that night. She lost control of the car. It skidded off the road, went through a guard rail, and landed in Chickasaw Lake. She drowned." He cleared his throat. "She was still strapped in the front seat, when we found her, but you were found on the bank a few feet from the water.

 Gabrielle eyes widened. "How is that possible?"

"The police believe you were thrown clear somehow." Detective Pearce explained.

Gabrielle tried to remember something__anything.  Again, she drew a blank. Her mother was dead. What about her father? Was he alive? "What about my father?" She inquired. "Where is he? Is he alive?"

Detective Pearce took a deep breath. "Your father haven't been in the picture for a long time. He and your mother separated when you were just a baby."

Gabrielle's heart dropped. "Oh, I see. So mother and I lived with."

"Me. Your grandparents and cousin, Joshua. They should be here any moments. Dr. Tindle phoned them as soon as you woke up. They are ecstatic to see you___just as I am."

Dr. Tindle smiled. "I'm happy you are awake too. It's been a long six months. Some patients have remained in a coma for years."

"And my memory?" Gabrielle inquired.

"It should be temporary," Dr. Tindle explained. "Honestly, I can't tell you when or if your memory will return."

"Thanks a lot, Doc." Detective Pearce replied.  "I read somewhere some patients never regain their memory"

"That's true in some cases." Dr. Tindle said. "But I have seen a lot cases where the memory returns on its on. Lets give it time. Your niece is in good health. I wouldn't worry." He clasped his hands together. "Detective Pearce that is enough for today. Our patient just woke up. We need to get a MRI to see what's going on."

Detective Pearce reached out an enclosed, Gabrielle's hand in his. He put up a brave front but she could seen the worried expression on his face. "Glad to have you back."

"Good to be back."

"I'll drop by later."  Detective Pearce patted her hand in comfort and strolled out the door.

"Now young lady," Dr. Tindle walked over to the bed. He reached up and pushed the Call Button to the Nurses Station. "We are ready to go for the MRI."

"Why do I need a MRI?"

"You were thrown free in the accident but you were in a coma ." Dr. Tindle explained.  "I want to take pictures of the brain to find what is causing the memory loss."

"Nurses Station," a husky woman's voice answered. "Gabrielle Pierce is ready to go down for her MRI." Dr. Tindle relayed.

A moment later, a heavy set African-American nurse strolled in, pushing a wheelchair. Her unsmiling face caused Gabrielle to do a double take. A eerie chill she couldn't explain came in with her.

"Lets get in the chair, Miss. Pearce." the nurse ordered. "They are waiting for you downstairs."

Gabrielle sat down in the chair. She glanced at the nurses' identification badge and read the name "Rachel Huffington."

"Rachel are you sure you want to take Gabrielle down?" "Dr. Tindle asked. "It might be a good idea to send one of the other nurses."

"I'm fine, Dr. Tindle. If David condition changes, I left word for ICU to call me. I have my pager on me." Nurse Huffington patted her thick hips.

"How is David?" Dr. Tindle asked.

"He has cerebral swelling that hasn't gone down," Nurse Huffington answered in a somber tone. She pushed the wheelchair out into the hallway. "It's been three days, he hasn't awoken, and we still don't know what happened to him. The police can't tell us anything."

Dr. Tindle brought up the rear. "Just that he was found on the side of the road badly beaten"

"Yes. So, it would be more beneficial for me if I keep busy." Nurse Huffington said." As long as I'm in the hospital close to him, I'm fine."

"I understand," Dr. Tindle answered. He strolled over to the Nurses Station. "It's your way of dealing with this type of tragic. We all have to do what we think is right to deal in this type of situation." He glanced at Gabrielle. "You guys head on down. I'll see you when you get back. We're go over the results."

Nurse Huffington guided the wheelchair toward the elevators. As they passed patients room, Gabrielle couldn't help but notice the worried faces of family members and guests visiting love ones. It was a weird feeling. Though the hospital seemed sterile and immaculate, she could sense the heighten smell of sickness, disease, and death all around her. She suddenly felt sorrow and sadness. She could feel the other patients pain as if it was her own.

Nurse Huffington pushed the down button. The bell rang. The doors open. They got on and rode to the basement.

The doors reopened. Nurse Huffington maneuvered the chair through the busy hallway traffic. She didn't utter one word. Some small conversation would have been nice, Gabrielle said to herself, but under the circumstance, she understood the nurse was worried about her son. Her heart went out to her. She lost her Mother. But because she can't remember her or the accident, she haven't been able to grieve.

Nurse Huffington parked the chair in front of the registration desk. "This is Gabrielle Pearce," she said. "Dr. Tindle put in a STAT order for a MRI."

The woman's fingers expertly typed through a series of screens. "Pearce. Pearce. Gabrielle Pearce. here we go. A open MRI. I'll check her in. Just have a seat in the waiting area," she explained. "We're be right with you."

Nurse Huffington settled the chair next to a young African-American man dressed in a hospital gown. He looked to be in his early twenties. She couldn't help but notice, he wasn't wearing any shoes. He looked loving at Nurse Huffington as she made her way back  over to the desk. He smiled.

A moment later, Nurse Huffington headed back toward her. "I asked them to give me a call when you're done with the MRI. I'll come and take you back to your room." she said. "I'm going to head up to the fourth floor to see my son, David."

"I understand," Gabrielle replied. "I hope he gets better soon."

"Yeah, me too."

Gabrielle looked over to see the young man's eyes mist. He walked over and stood next to Nurse Huffington. Did he know, David? Why didn't Nurse Huffington acknowledge him? Can't she see him standing next to her?

"It's always so cold in the basement," Nurse Huffington, folded her arms to head off the chill. 'I should have worn a sweater. Are you cold?"

"No, I'm fine." Gabrielle replied.

The young man reached out and touched, Nurse Huffington on the back. She didn't respond. She reacted as though the young man wasn't there.

 Gabrielle attempted to speak  but the hospital paging system interrupted her. "Code Blue. ICU. Bed 2. Code Blue. ICU. Bed 2. Code  Blue. ICU Bed 2"

A look of panic crossed, Nurse Huffington's face. "Oh no, David" she exclaimed and hurried through the glass doors.

The young man watched her leave and then refocused on Gabrielle. He looked at her with blank, soulless eyes. But there was a glow, surrounding him, that gave him a angelic appearance. She swallowed the lump in her throat.

Gabrielle's eyes widened. She wasn't sure what to say or do. She looked him up and down. It was then that she noticed that he was translucent in appearance. "No way" she said to herself. She was hallucinating. There was no way, she couldn't even say the word.

She hit herself alongside the head. "Wake up! There is a logical explanation for what was happening. She's been in a coma for six months, so naturally there will be side effects. She was seeing things. Maybe if she ignore him, he'd go away."

Gabrielle wondered how much longer it was before her test. She quickly wheeled herself to the desk. "Can you tell me how much it will be before my test?" She inquired.

"That was Pearce, right?" The woman asked.

"Yes, Gabrielle Pearce." She answered when she noticed the young man had moved  and stood behind the woman. She froze in fear. She whipped the chair around to look where the young man was before. "How did you do that?" She said aloud as she refocused on him.

"How did I do what?" The woman answered, stretching her neck around to find who, Gabrielle was talking too.

The woman looked at Gabrielle as if she'd lost her mind. She was embarrassed and couldn't even come up with a explanation to explain what was happening to her. "Nothing, I was just talking to myself."

The answer seemed to satisfy the woman. "It will be another thirty minutes or so. Do you want to wait? Or would you like to come back?"

Gabrielle glanced over at the young man still positioned behind the desk. He appeared to closely observing the busy activities of the room. "I'll wait," she finally said. She turned and wheeled herself to the other side of the room. "It's a dream. That's what it is, nothing but a dream."

She didn't know who she was trying to convince, herself or the young man. She stole another quick glance over her shoulder. The young man was gone. She breathe a sigh of relief. It was just her mind, playing tricks on her.

-End Of Part 1-

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