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Ghost Talk-Flash Fiction (Part 2)

Gabrielle Pearce

Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old, Gabrielle Pearce was involved in a tragic car accident, that left her in a coma for six months. After waking up, she doesn't remember anything about that night, which took the life of her mother, and left her with the ability to see and talk to ghosts.

Ghost Talk (Part 2)
"Oh my poor, baby" Grandma Ava Pearce gave, Gabrielle a tight hug. "You're okay now." She was crying uncontrollably. Gabrielle was unable to breathe. "Thank the Lord."
"Woman let the girl up for air," Reverend Matthew Pearce voice boomed. "You're crushing her."
Ava Pearce wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. "I'm just so happy that you're finally awake," She reached out, grabbing her granddaughters' hand. She tapped it in a comforting gesture.
Gabby wished she could remember her grandparents, who introduced themselves as Matthew and Ava Pearce. They appear to be a nice and kind couple. She got a warm and close feeling from them. Most of all, she could feel love.
Ava sat on the side of the bed. "Dr. Tindle said that if all of the test come back negative, we can take you home in a day or two. Would you like that?"
Gabrielle nodded. "Yes."
"I know you don't remember us," Reverend Pearce, placed his suit jacket on the back of the chair, "Dr. Tindle assures us the memory loss is only temporary. Your memory should return in no time."
"But he can't say when."
"No dear," Ava said in a soft, tender tone. She held onto Gabrielle's hand as if she'd disappear. "But no matter how long it takes, we will be there for you."
"Yes, we will" Reverend Pearce chimed in.
Gabrielle leaned back into the pillow. She closed her eyes. She didn't know how she would be able to handle not being able to remember anything or anyone. It was a strain on her emotionally, its only been a day.
 "You have family and friends pulling for you."  Reverend Pearce said. "We never gave up on you."
"Do I have many friends?" Gabrielle inquired.
"Of course," Ava said. "You were popular in school. Your best friend, Brandon Speed will stop by later to see you. You guys have a lot to catch up on."
Gabrielle glanced over at the photo of her and a woman, smiling cheek-to-cheek. She figured Grandma Ava must have brought it from home. It had to be her mother, Ashley. She was beautiful. She had kind eyes, like her parents, and a lovely smile. She could see a lot of herself in her mother. Looking at them together, they were close. She could sense that.
Ava picked up the photo. She ran a trembling hand over the picture frame. "This was taken a year before the accident." She smiled. "You love the beach. Love to swim." She replaced the picture on the table. "Anyway, the fourth of July was coming up, but your mother had to work. You begged her to take you to Pimperton Beach. She couldn't. Your grandfather and I couldn't take you. He had a busy church schedule. I  don't swim. I'm afraid of water." She chuckled. "Anyway, your mother didn't want to see you unhappy. So, she took off from work early. Her boss wasn't too happy about that and docked her a half-day pay, but she said her little girls' happiness was worth it. It was the best day of her life."

"Gabby, it's going to be hard on all of us," Reverend Pearce threw in. "But in time we will get through this."

"I know, Grandpa." Gabrielle addressed him. It felt good and bought a smile to his face.

"Grandpa has better get going," Reverend Pearce replied. "I have a appointment on the other side of town. It's going to take me at least a hour to get there. Uncle Jacob told me to tell you, he won't be able to return today, but he'll see you tomorrow." He planted a kiss on her forehead. "And your Uncle Josh is away at college, he will see you as soon as he can."

"I look forward to meeting him." Gabrielle replied.

"Josh is only a couple of years older than you, you two got along well" Reverend Pearce, grabbed his jacket, strolled over and kissed his wife on the cheek. "I will see you two later."

After his departure, Ava looked around the room. "It's so dark and dreary in here." She opened the curtains, and a small amount of sunlight streamed into the room. " I know this is a hospital, but lets light things up just a bit." She removed dead roses from a vase and threw them in the trash can. She headed into the bathroom, returning with fresh water.

"I'm going to head down to the gift shop to get some fresh roses and a couple of balloons to decorate the room."

"Thanks Grandma."

Ava grinned like a Chelshire cat. "It's good to hear you call me, Grandma. I missed hearing it." She grabbed her purse  out of the chair. "Now get some rest. I'll be back in no time."

Ava left the room. Gabrielle pressed the 'up' button and the bed began to rise. She closed her eyes. Then she felt, what was a cold draft of air swooshed into the room. She shuddered. She could feel a presence in the room. She opened her eyes, to the young man standing at the head of the bed.

Gabrielle flipped over. As far as she was concerned, there was no one there.  Maybe if she ignore him, he'll go away. She settled down in the bed.

"I know you can see me," The young man said, his voice was angelic, and sounded as if it came from far away.

She flipped back over. "You can speak?"

"Of course, I can."

"How are you standing in front of me?" Gabrielle inquired. "Talking to me?"

"I don't know," The young man answered. "All I know is you saw me earlier, when no one else could."

Gabby sat up.  "What do you mean by no one else?" She knew it was a stupid question. No matter how much she tried to deny it, there was a ghost in her room. She could see and was talking to him. But in case, she was wrong. "Are you a?'" her voice trailed off.

"A Ghost." He finished for her. "I guess I am. I mean I died today." He looked down at himself. "But for some reason, my spirit hasn't moved on. I expected to wake up in heaven, instead I find myself walking through the walls of the hospital."

Gabrielle couldn't remember whether she believed in ghosts or not. She was having a hard time, believing what she just heard. Yet, standing in front of her was a real ghost, and they were engaged in a conversation.

She didn't know what to do or how to react. "You died today?"

"Yes. I suffered a severe head injury," the young man explained. "One minute, I was laughing, talking, drinking, and hanging out with a group of friends in the college dorm, we were watching a college basketball game. You know having a good time. It was Duke against the University of Maryland. I remember the game ended. I remember winning a bet against someone. I don't know who. Nothing after that.  The next thing, I know, I'm looking down at hospital staff attempting to save my life." He sniffed. "As you see, I didn't make it."

"I sorry," Gabrielle replied.

"Why? It isn't your fault." The young man replied. "I'm wondering why I'm still here. Why haven't I walked into the bright light?" He sat in the chair next to the bed. " I heard that when you die, you see a bright light. I have yet to experience that."

"So, why do you think you're still here?" Gabrielle inquired.

"I don't know." The young man said, "I'm not ready to go, but if it's my time, I'd like to cross over and be at peace. Also, there has to reason why only you can see, don't you think?"

"I'm just as baffled as you are."

The young man flashed her a curious look. "How old are you? You look to be around my age."

Gabrielle drew her eyebrows together. She wasn't sure how old she was. From the conversations, she had with her grandparents, she was around sixteen or seventeen. "I'm not sure."

The young man leaned back. "What do you mean, you're not sure?"

"I was in a accident and lost my memory."

"I'm sorry." The young man said.

"Why? It isn't your fault." Gabrielle repeated his own lines.

For the first time, he grinned. He had a beautiful smile for a ghost.

"Touche' " He leaned back in the chair. "You have to help me figure out what happened to me."

Gabrielle blinked. "What? How can I do that?" She answered in disbelief. "Look around, I'm a patient in the hospital. Hello. I lost my memory."

"For now, but I heard your doctor say, you will be going home in a day or two. You memory could return at any time."

"How do you know that?"

"I know everything going on in the hospital." The young man scratched his head. "I can't believe I'm  still able to do that. I can't feel anything but I can do it."  he mumbled to no one in particular.

"I don't know what you expect me to do," Gabrielle argued.


"Investigate? You have the wrong Pearce, that's my Uncle Jacob, not me."

"I was led to you and not your Uncle, " the young man explained. "There has to be a reason."

A moment later, he tilted his head as if he was listening to something. Gabrielle did the same. She was able to hear loud voices and crying. Through it all, she managed to make out a man's voice instructing a body to be taken to the Morgue. The family wanted an autopsy to be performed.

"Lets talk later. I have to go," the young man said. "My family needs me."

"Wait a minute," Gabrielle replied. "Who are you?"

"I'm sorry Gabrielle. I'm David. David Huffington," he answered before disappearing through the wall.

Gabrielle sat there a moment. She couldn't move. Her ghost is David Huffington____ Nurse Huffington's son.

-End of Part 2-

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