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Amazon Review for Game of War - Fire Age - Android

Join the ULTIMATE battle for domination for "Game Of War– Fire Age!

Game Of War-Fire Age
What kind of King would you make? Can you build an Empire, stronger than King Arthur of Camelot? Find out when you play, "Game Of War-Fire Age!" and action pack online war game that's easy to play, challenging to master, and quite addictive. I should know, I played for hours. I usually don't play online games, but I really enjoyed this one: the quests, fight scenes, animation, graphic, all seem so life-like. The best part about it, I was able to play on my IPad and IPhone__which was perfect for when I was on the go. This is a game that never ends and definitely keep you on your toes as you fight to become the only King in the world.

This is the perfect  interactive game of balance, strategy, and plenty of nonstop action.

You can make friends, play and chat with millions of Heroes in a battle for supreme domination. Game of War is available worldwide in over 32 different language, and in real time. With "Game of War-Fire Age," you can train your army, form alliances, in order to make your Kingdom the most powerful one on the planet.

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Product Specifications

  • Free to play Online RPG (Role Playing Game)
  • Play &Chat with millions of online players world
  • Train vast armies to lead into action packed battles on the stunning World Map
    Game of War-Fire Age
  • Attack and Conquer the Wonder to become the almighty Emperor!
  • Forge diplomatic alliances to conquer enemies &become the most powerful Alliance in the Kingdom
  • Use you power to give special titles to your friends &enemies in the Kingdom!
  • Build& Customize your very own Empire
  • Train, level-up and deck out your Heroes
  • Craft legendary weapons to rise above the competition

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for this App are positive overall, it has over 700,000 reviews. The average rating is 4.1**** stars. Their were a few negatives points raised as with all products. Majority were  of those reviews were not in reference to the game itself but the money needed to reach the next level.

One customer pointed out, "Unless you are willing to spend money you will never make it anywhere. The big spenders will always attack the smaller guys and without separation of power then no one will grow."   Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, a lot of players feel the same way, however their are players who can afford to reach the next level.  That customer said, "I have been addicted to this game since I started 2 weeks ago, I can't put it down, spent some money but worth it. Love the game."   

This game is about how much or little money you're willing to pay to get the ULTIMATE domination of your Kingdom. I can say that I only spent a few dollars and had  a lot of fun. Long live the King!

This makes it easy for me to recommend "Game of War -Fire Age" Android.

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