Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Force Of Elements: A Free Online Game

                       UNLEASH THE POWER of THE ELEMENTS!

Force Of Elements-Alphas
Force of Elements is a cool game of head-to-head combat where your field of battle is a match 3 gem board.  You can choose a unique hero, swap gems to unlock elemental mana and annihilate your opponent in fast-paced battles that will leave you hungry for one more round. This is a game you can't help but play. Even if it's just for the beautiful graphics and special effects alone. The best part is that it's FREE.

Force of Elements is designed from the ground up for competitive gaming with diverse character-based abilities that make interacting with the gem board a tactical experience unlike any match 3 game you’ve played before. Anyone can learn to play in minutes, I know I did and wound up playing for hours. I couldn't stop. Mastering your favorite heroes and outwitting opponents in real-time battles kept me intrigued. Now it's your turn to join in on all of the action!


  • Free to play, not pay-to-win. Skill-based gaming FTW
  • Two ways to play -- rapid-fire timed mode and tactical turns mode
  •  Customize your play style with powerful Auras
  •  New heroes released regularly
  • Ranked play and tournaments- coming soon!       

Force Of Elements
Force of Elements  is awesome to play, you can't help but fall in love with the graphics, special effects, and the unique heroes. It was easy to learn how to play, which can turned into many hours of non-stop play. You can pit your favorite hero up against opponents in real-time battles.

The customers that purchase Force of Elements were all pleased with the level of play, tons of actions, beautiful graphics, and super cool heroes. What more can you ask for in a game? This makes it easy for me to recommend, "Force Of Elements Alpha"     Just click on Force of Elements to join in on the fun!

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