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Blind Date: Bad Idea
I remember watching the movie, "Blind Date" starring "Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger" He went on the date from hell but things turned out well for Bruce and Kim. But then that is Hollywood, it always turns out with a Cinderella ending. I wrestled with whether or not to tell this story. After all, it's quite embarrassing. However, the more I thought about it, I decided to take a chance and share. I figure it maybe of some help to other single women out there, who are searching for true love via online dating, computer love, or setup by a friend. This is where this story begins, so hold on tight.

My best friend, Mona recently invited me to a backyard barbecue. "There will be food, music, and friends getting together and having a good time" she explained. Then she  got around to asking if I would be bringing a date. Of course, my answer was 'no.'

She gave me the usual spiel of how it has been over two years since my divorce and it was time to get back out there and start dating again? Easier said than done. I thought to myself.

For me a lot has changed, since my divorce. I'm over 40. I accepted Christ. I'm a successful and independent business woman. I love my life. Of course, I would like to find a soul mate to grow old with. What woman doesn't? But I prefer the LORD do the choosing. His track record is infallible.

Blind Date
Mona got around to wanting to set me up on a blind date for the cookout. "No thank you. I remember the last time, you set me up." I reminded her.

Mona giggled. "I sorry about that. This time is different. I know this person. You two will definitely hit it off."

I love Mona, she's like the sister, that I never had. But the last experience is still fresh in my mind. Lets call him Dan (for sake of this article). He was described as tall, dark, and handsome. (That's what they all say). He was single, no children, and a Christian (like myself). Around 35. Educated. 100k Salary. She laid it on thick. I was drooling. He sounded perfect. I couldn't wait to meet him.

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Mona gave me his number. I gave him a call. On the phone, Dan came across nice and polite. His voice was deep and sexy. You know the bedroom voice. I could talk to him all night. We spoke for over three hours, just getting to know each other. Before hanging up, we got around to planning a date for the following Saturday.

For the rest of the week, I was on pins and needles. I hope I was making the right decision. I don't know this guy from Adam. Am I that desperate? He could be psycho. A murderer. I pushed the thoughts aside. Nothing ventured. Nothing gain. Dan could be the ONE.

Saturday finally arrived. The doorbell ranged promptly at I took a quick glimpse in the hallway mirror. I'd made a appointment at the salon the day before to have my hair, nails, and toes done. I even purchased a new two-piece crème colored outfit for the special occasion. This woman was ready to knock his socks off.

The doorbell ranged again. I took a deep breath to compose myself. Tall, dark, handsome, and hopefully driving a Mercedes is standing on the doorstep.

I opened the door and gulped. Dan was a bald, short man of 5'6 or 5'7. I'm 5'9 without heels. His body frame was small and thin. I prefer men with more muscle mass. I work out several days a week. Matter-of-fact, in a fight I think I can take Dan. His complexion was light. I'm attracted to a man with a brown, pecan skin tone.

Dan smiled. My knees buckled. He had the nerve to have a gold-tooth. Are you kidding me? Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming. This little man was dressed in sports' jersey and baggy black jeans. He rounded out the ensemble with a thick gold chain, a earring in each ear, and snake tattoo on the back of his right hand.

I took a step back and looked around the living room for hidden cameras. Am I being punked? Is this a Rap-video? My intentions were to slam the door in his face. We both are about 40-years-old. From the looks of it, only one of us have grown up.

But then I took a second look at Dan. Though he was dressed like a wanna-be-rapper, he was kind of cute. I decided to give him a chance.

Dan escorted me to his vehicle. You guessed it___no Mercedes. The carriage was a beat up 1996 Toyota Corolla, complete with a dent in the passenger side door. I slid in on the driver's side. I'm going to kill Mona, I said to myself. I paid $100.00 for this outfit.

                                                              From Bad To Worse
Pretty soon we were on our way. Dan turned on the radio. Loud, vulgar rap music filled the interior of the car. Talk about a terrible headache. "Are We There Yet?" I kept asking myself.

Thirty minutes later, we arrived at my favorite Chinese Restaurant. Dan got out first, leaving me standing at the car door. I should not have been surprised. But one could hope.

The Hostess led us to our seat. I love Chinese food and couldn't wait to order. I decided on Moo Goo Gai Pan. Dan went with General Tso's Shrimp.

As we ate the conversation, strain as it was flowed between us. I found out, Dan doesn't make 100K. He's a up and coming Rapper that wants to make that amount of money in the future. For the past 10 years, he has been pursuing his dream. According to him the man is keeping him down. He also let it slip, that he hasn't been to church since he was a child.

As far as I was concerned, I've heard enough. The physical description, the car, the job, and now he doesn't even serve the LORD. How could things get any worse?

I must have jinxed myself. The bill arrived. It was closed to $60.00. We made our way toward the cashier. But when time came to pay, Dan suddenly remembered, he didn't have his wallet. What the? I took a deep breath to calm myself. I wanted to go off.  But I wasn't going to let him bring me down to his level. Getting away from this scrub was top priority. I paid the bill. Stomped out the front door.

             You Must Be Kidding Me!
On the way to the parking lot, I ran smack into a bewildered looking woman. She had three snotty nose kids in tow and breathing like a fire eating dragon. Her eyes landed on Dan bringing up the rear and began swearing like a sailor.

She reminded, Dan, he was her man, and father of her children. If he spent as much time, looking for a job, than running around on her, they could finally get married. The next thing I knew her hand found the side of his face. He fell to the ground. My mouth gaped.

She zeroed in on me next. I quickly removed my earrings and kicked out my three-inch high stilettos. I raised a shoe in defense. I am a church going woman. But I will defend myself if you take me there.

I was trembling like a leaf on a tree. I quickly explained to her, what led up to this nightmare of a date. Everything was a misunderstanding. Luckily, as a woman, she accepted my explanation. The two left together arm in arm as if nothing happen. I let out the long breath I was holding.

A Lesson Learned
As I watched them drive away, I phoned Mona and gave her a ear full. How could she set me up with a deadbeat? What was she thinking? I don't know what she was thinking, but I know for certain, it will never happen again.

I'm not saying, blind dates are bad. Matter-of-fact, I know a few people, who have had success. Didn't it work out for Bruce and Kim? I just prefer to wait on the Lord. That way I know there will be no doubts. In other words, Hell NO! Blind Date I Won't Go!

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