Monday, April 13, 2015

Chrono Wars: Is A Cool Online Game- Play On Facebook.

Chrono Wars: Light of Darkness is a award-winning 3D Browser Game and is build for players to enjoy on Facebook. It is currently being enjoyed by over 10,000+users. The game takes players on a Time Travel in history to battle epic wars. Players get to choose whether you want to be friend or foe by selecting from three classes: Mage, Berserker, or Knight, and take you through quests in six historical era.

Along the way, players  get to meet some legendary heroes, such as, Jeanne D' Arc, Robin Hood, and my favorite King Arthur Of Camelot. You get a chance to show off your prowess by fighting and destroying monsters and demons. During the battle, you can choose different skills needed to defeat evil creatures, including beasts, and mount.

I love the animation and flow of  Chrono Wars. The characters, beasts, and monsters all look so real. I enjoyed the many graphic features, including collecting loot, daily bonuses, and of course getting rewards from playing.

I'm not a person who plays a lot of online games, even on Facebook, but I lost a lot of sleep, playing Chrono Wars. I have to recommend this one.

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                                                        Chronos Wars: Light Of Darkness

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