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10 Most Under-rated KPOP Male Groups

I'm always on the look out for new and good  K-POP music. In the world of Korean Music there is never a shortage. There are always male groups debuting, the genre is versatile, and there is music for every one's taste.  But with so many bands arriving on the scene, it gets a little crowded and many of these good groups get overlooked.

 I've come across several boy bands, giving us nothing but  awesome music. Many of these groups debuted several years ago and are very under-rated. I wanted to show some love for these boy bands that are making a huge splash in the world of music, and hopefully will be together for years to come.

A-Jax: is a South Korean boy band signed with DSP Media. They debuted in 2012. The seven members group consist of Hyeongkon, Jaehyung, Yunyoung, Hyojun, Sungmin, Seungjin and Seungyub

                                                         A-Jax-Insane (MV)


Topp Dogg
ToppDogg:  is a hip-hop boys group from South Korea and under Stardom Entertainment in 2013. The thirteen members consists of: Jenissi, P-Goon, Gohn, Hojoon, Kidoh, Sangdo, Nakta,
 Hansol, B-Joo, Xero, A-Tom, and Yano

                                                                ToppDogg-TopDog (MV)

M.I.B: known as (Most Incredible Busters) is a South Korean hip hop quartet from Jungle Entertainment. The group debuted in 2011. The members consists of: Kangnam,5Zic, Young Cream, and Sims.

   M.I.B -Bounce (Chisa Bounce) MV


C-Clown:  short for Crown Clown is a South Korean boy band under Yedang Entertainment. The group debuted in 2012. It members consists of: Rome, Siwoo, Ray, Kang Jun, Minwood (T.K) and maknae Maru

                                            C-Clown-Far and Away (MV) Dance Version

MyName: is a South Korean boy band created by "Fly to the Sky" member Hwanhee, The group debuted in 2011. The members consists of: GunWoo, InSoo, SeYong, JunQ, and ChaeJin.

                                                       MyName-Stop The Time (MV)

100%: is a 7-member South Korean boy band that debuted in September 2012 under Andy Lee's (Shinhwa) Company Top Media, along with label mates "Teen Top". The members consists of: Seo Minwoo, Kim Rockhyun, Cho Jonghwan, Kim Chanyong, Woo Changbum, Jang Hyukjin, and Kee Sanghoon

                                                        100%-I Want You Back (MV)

Boyfriend: is a six-member South Korean boy group under Starship Entertainment. The group debuted in 2011 with the hit "Boyfriend" They are the first boy band to have twin members. The members consists of: Kim Donghyun, Shim Hyunseong, Lee Jeongmin, Jo Youngmin, Jo Kwangmin, and No Minwoo.


Tasty: is a Korean-Chinese  male twins (Daeryong and Soryong) duo signed under Woolim Entertainment. They debuted in 2012 with the title Spectrum.

                                                     Tasty-You Know Me (MV)

Boys Republic
Boys Republic: is a South Korean group consisting of five members: Onejunn, Sunwoo, Sungjun, Minsu, and Suwoong and managed by Universal Music. They debuted on June 5, 2013 with their first single, "Party Rock."
                                                   Boys Republic-The Real One (MV)


Lu:Kus: is a five member South Korean boy band, formed by Box Media in 2013.  They debuted with the titled "So Into You."The group consists of Donghyun(Leader), Haewon, Kyungjin, Choi, and maknae Jinwan.

 Lu:Kus So Into You (MV) Dance Version

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