Monday, March 23, 2015

R&B Soul Sounds Of The 70's

Phyllis Hyman

 The 70's. Who can forget bell bottoms, afros and soulful music filling the radio airwaves? I still remember my mother playing vinyl records on the stereo. She turned the volume up loud, blasting music down the whole block. That's how it was back then, folks wanting to share their love for good sounds. Let not forget the weekends, we head over to the local skating rink and skate our hearts out. Ahhh the good old days. Since I'm feeling nostalgic, I decided to share with you some of my favorite songs from this decades.

1.Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) Marvin Gaye
2. Theme From Shaft-Isaac Hayes
3. Lets Stay Together-Al Green
4. What's Going on-Marvin Gaye
5. Rock With You-Michael Jackson
6. Superfly-Curtis Mayfield
7. For The Love of You-The Isley brothers
8. Love Ballad-LTD
9. One Nation Under A Groove-Funkadelic
10. Tell me Something Good-Rufus
11. You know How To Love Me-Phyllis-Hyman
12.Ain't No Stopping Us Now-McFadden and Whitehead
13. I'll Take You There-The Staple Singers
14. Rapper Delight-Sugar Hill Gang
15-Happy Feeling-Maze
16. Love Holiday-Earth, Wind&Fire
17.I'll Be Good-The Brother's Johnson
18.Float On-Floaters
19.Ain't No Sunshine-Bill Withers
20. Flashlight-Parliament

This is only a small fraction of some my favorite songs from the Soulful 70's. The list is to long and there were so many great artists and songs. What were some your favorite songs?

Curtis Mayfield
Phyllis Hyman

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