Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So What If I'm Over 40 and Listens to KPOP Music!

Can you remember when singers could actually sing? When groups like Earth,Wind&Fire,
Gap Band, Slave, LTD, and Luther Vandross reign supreme. Ahhh the good old days. I don't have anything against today's artists. To be honest I don't know half of them. It's not their fault. Sex sells and as long as consumers keeps buying it, they will produce it. If you have a pretty face, great body, and can twerk who cares whether or not you can sing? Well, I do. I love great music and singers who can give it to me. Like Marvin Gaye asked "What's Going On?" I asked that question just about every time a music video came on. I am confronted with half-naked women, singers/rapper singing about sex, drugs, and violence. I wanted to pull my hair out!

Rewind three years ago when I discovered K POP music. It was by accident watching a Korean Drama on Netflix. The name of the drama was "Boys Over Flowers" The sound track was awesome. The song that started it all was "Stand By Me" from SHINee. The voices were amazing. I was hooked. Five guys in the group. You hear five different voices. Amazing. No women hanging all over the singers in the videos. No twerking! No bed scenes. Loved it.

K POP is now all I listen to. But since I am over forty (40) my family and friends think I am crazy. What's the problem? Why should I explain to anyone what I listen too? Like Bobby Brown sang "It's My Perogative" I get the questions " Do you know what they are saying? My reply is: Do you understand what the American artists or rapper is saying? They are so young. Truth is some of artists are not that young. They look feminine. I admit some do but it's cultural. But I am hooked on the awesome voices, perfect dance executions, the music, live concerts, and stages performances. And yes I do have my favorite bias from my favorite groups but what's wrong with that? When they come to the US I am front row and center, singing along. Just because I am older doesn't mean I should be put in a box and shelved. Good music is good for the soul. But their is hope for my family. My sister asked me about the world star 'Rain' the other day. So just maybe she's coming around.

I included some of my favorite music videos from some of my favorite K-POP artists.

         SHINee -Lucifer

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