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Sexsomnia (Sex While Asleep)

"Sexsomnia or Sleep Sex is a medical condition in which a person engages in sexual activities while still asleep"

We have heard of people who walk, talk, or drive while sleeping__what about having sex?

It is rare condition and effects only about 1 to 2 percent of the general population__ about the same number of people who experience sleepwalking.

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Sexsomnia is a Sleep Disorder. It is a form of non-rapid eye moment (NRE) parasomnia, where the brain is caught in transition between being asleep and awake. Someone who is sleep sexing appears to be fully awake and aware, even as they are masturbating, fondling, and engaging in sexual intercourse, which is usually sexually aggressive in nature.

Since the Sexsomoniac is experiencing a deep sleep phenomenon, he/she usually won't remember it the next day. "Most of the incidences involves no recall and even denial that the event occurred," Says Russell Rosenberg, PhD, vice chairman of the National Sleep foundation in Atlanta, Ga.

Dr. Michael Mangan, Phd, and adjunct professor of Psychology at the university of New Hampshire in Durham and author of the e-book; Sleepsex: Uncovered, says having sex in your sleep has it's advantages and disadvantages. Mangan states, both men and women who experiences sleep sex say they are more assertive when asleep. "Their sexual demeanor is different to when they are awake. They are more adventurous and partner pleasing" In other words "Sexsomnia can help overcome sexual problems. The disadvantage is that there has been cases where sexsomnia has been alleged, however it was accepted as the cause of sexual assault, and rape.

Causes of Sexsomnia

Doctors aren't clear on what causes sexsomnia. One theory is that it begins after puberty and that people who sleep walk or sleep talk are at more of a risk of sexsomnia. It can be triggered by stress, sleep deprivation, excessive alcohol consumption and/or recreational drugs. Another theory is that people who share the same bed can trigger an incident. Falling asleep in proximity to someone can cause sexual arousal and the desire for sex.

A recent research study of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies revealed that 8 percent of patients referred to Toronto Western Hospital in Canada and results from a questionnaire filled out by 832 sleep care patients show that 62 participants experience sexsomnia, 11 percent were men and 4 percent were women whom said they had engaged in sexual activities while asleep. The results proves that the condition is more common than believed.

Treatment For Sexsomnia

Today there are no FDA-approved drugs for the treatment of Sexsomnia. Doctors have been successful in using sedatives and antidepressants. If stress or anxiety is the cause of sleep sex, mental health counseling is recommended. Getting a good night sleep, keeping a regular sleep schedule, and getting treatment for any other medical condition is also important.

Though seeing a doctor is important, certain measures can be taken by creating a safe environment for the sexsomniac and anyone else in the home.
They are:

  • Sleeping in a separate bedroom
  • Locking doors
  • Putting alarms on doors to wake up people to make them aware of a incident
Prevention of Sexsomnia

  • Avoid Sexsomnia triggers, including alcohol and drug use
  • Treat any underlying Sleep Apnea condition; for instant, losing weight, quit smoking, and set a continuous airway pressure machine and/ or have surgery if needed
  • Beware of sleep medications. In some cases, certain types of sleep medicines can trigger parasomnia. Speak with your doctor before starting or stopping sleep medicines.              

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