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Top Classic Movies of All Times

If you are a sucker for classic movies, then you have your favorites. You know the movies that  you never get tired of watching. They are like "fine wine" They never get old. I usually pop a large bowl of popcorn, plopped down on the sofa in a pair of pajamas __of course and get lost in time.  The ladies, the fashion, not a hair out of place, and the flawless make-up, adds to the glamorous ambiance. I decided to share my favorite top classic movies. Mind you these are just a few of them. There are too many to list.   Feel free to browse. Click on the title covers and links to learn more about these great Actors/Actress that grace the silver screen and gave us TIMELESS movies.

 A Touch Of Mink-Cary Grant, Doris Day
 A romantic comedy starring Doris Day and Cary Grant.  Cathy Timberlake (Doris Day) is a unemployed  woman who is on her way to a job interview, when Philip Shayne(Cary Grant) Rolls Royce splashes her dress with mud. Unable to apologize in person, he sends his assistant, Roger. Cathy is upset and wants to tell Philip off. She storms into his office but steady of giving it to him, she falls for him. Philip only wants an affair. He wines and dines Cathy, eventually taking her to Bermuda. But while there, Cathy breaks out in a nervous rash. She is embarrassed. She talks Philip into a second trip, this time to calm her nerves, she gets drunk and falls off the balcony. She is so ashamed, she can't show her face. But at the urging of Roger and Connie (her best friend), who are convinced that Philip is in love with her. Cathy goes on a date with Beasley (John Astin) (creepy guy who works at the unemployment office to make Philip jealous) Her plan works. Philip goes after her. They confess their love for each other and get married, and go on their honey moon but only this time, Philip breaks out in a rash. Love this movie. The combination of Doris Day and Cary Grant was good idea pairing. The chemistry is good between the two was good. I love the role of Beasley ( John Astin).

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  Westward The Women-  Robert Taylor, Denise Darcel

Westward The Women


This is a lost gem and one of my favorites. A trail guide (Buck Wyatt) is hired to escort a group of women from Chicago to California to marry men in a worker's camp owned by Roy Whitman in the California valley. Buck heads back to Chicago and recruits 150 women willing to make the long and difficult trip to becomes wives. The journey is long and difficult but the women push, through hard terrain and attacks from Indians. Love this movies. It gets a lot play on the playlist. This is a lost gem and one of my favorites. A trail guide (Buck Wyatt) is hired to escort a group of women from Chicago to California to marry men in a worker's camp owned by Roy Whitman in the California valley. Buck heads back to Chicago and recruits 150 women willing to make the long and difficult trip to becomes wives. The journey is long and difficult but the women push, through hard terrain and attacks from Indians. Love this movies. It gets a lot play on the playlist.  I highly recommend it.

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  Rio Bravo-John Wayne Dean Martin Ricky Nelson

Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo is one of John Wayne best performances. Dean Martin added a stellar performance and Ricky Nelson never shined so much in this role. John is a local sheriff in a small town in Southwest Texas. He has to stand up against a powerful, ranch owner whose brother is accused of murder, and put in jail. John tries to get support to keep him in jail until the marshal arrive but no one wants to  up against the powerful ranch owner, so John enlists the help of the town's drunk (Dean Martin), a cripple (Walter Brennan) and a gunslinger (Ricky Nelson).
Angie Dickinson performance as John's love interest as a female gambler is also worth mentioning. It was a different role for her but she was convincing. Good one.

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Father Goose

 Another great performance from Cary Grant. The man really knows how to breathe life in his characters and this time was no different. During World War II, Walter Eckland (Cary Grant) is moved to a isolated island to spy on planes flying over the island. But he gets more than he bargains for when a schoolteacher, Catherine Frenau (Leslie Caron) arrives on the island with her students in tow, all girls!


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 The Birds-Rod Taylor Tipi Hedren Jessica Tandy
The Birds

This is one of the best. Directed by the master of Suspense,
 Alfred Hitchcock. A chance meeting in a bird shop between Melanie Daniels and Mich Brenner set off a terrifying chain of events when he plays a practical joke on her to get revenge. She follows him to his home town of Bodega Bay (San Francisco) where he lives on the weekend. But soon after she gets there, she is attacked by a bird when she attempts to deliver lovebirds to Mitch's sister, Mitch's mother finds her neighbor dead from a bird attack. Suddenly, thousands of birds begin to flock into town, preying on schoolchildren and residents in a terrifying series of attacks. Mitch and Melanie must fight for their lives against a deadly force that cannot be explained or stopped.  

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     Rear Window-James Stewart, Grace Kelly
Rear Window

This one has all of my favorite stars. The set, clothing, and location was all great. What more can you expect from the Master,
 Alfred Hitchcock. Photographer, L.B. Jefferies breaks his leg and stuck in his New York apartment, he has nothing to do but spy on his neighbors all day. While looking out the window one night, he begins to suspect that a man (Raymond Burr) that lives across the courtyard may have killed his wife. No one believes him, not even his girlfriend Lisa Freemont (Grace Kelly), his nurse Stella (Thelma Ritter) or his best friend, Detective Dole. After the man begins to act more suspicious, Jeff enlists the his investigate, and finally get their man

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 Imitation of Life-Lana Turner,John Gavin, Juanita Moore

Imitation of Life

This is one of the biggest/best films of Lana Turner's career, and  Academy Award nomination performance for Juanita Moore,which was rare for a African American at the time. I have watched this one a thousand times through the years and the ending still makes me cry, so have a box of tissue handy. A struggling actress, raising a six-years-old daughter, takes in a black woman and her light skinned daughter. Both daughters  are intolerable and trying to deal with emotional issues. Annie is neurotic and obnoxious. Sarah Jane doesn't like being black and tries to pass for white, rejecting her mother's love and breaking her heart. Laura rises to fame and become successful, ignoring Sarah Jane. As years of selfishness and denial pass, tragedy strikes and forces the women to come to terms with their own identity

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 Lucy Gallant-Charleston Heston, Jane Wyatt         
Lucy Gallant

It  was my first time, watching Charleston Heston play a leading man. I have to say he did a great job. Jane Wyatt was feisty, driven, and successful. I enjoy movies with strong female roles. A stylish dressmaker, traveling from New York to New Mexico is stranded in a Texas town where Casey Cole (Charleston Heston) helps her fine lodging. He is attracted to her at first sight and they eventually form a relationship. Meanwhile the women in the town reacts to her fashions and Lucy sells everything in her trousseau. She suddenly get the idea to open a dress shop. Cole is against it and insists she give up her business. They quarrel and he joins the army, he becomes engaged to a model in Paris. But he can't forget Lucy. He returns to Texas and they salvation their romance

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  Witness For The Prosecution-Charles Laughton,Tyrone Power
Witness For The Prosecution

One of the amazing thing about this movie besides the stellar performance is the ending. So prepare yourself. Following a massive heart attack, infamous British barrister Sir Wilfred Robards
(Charles Laughton) has been ordered by his doctors to forswear drinking, smoking, and his work in the courtroom. However, he is intrigued by the case of Leonard Vole (Tyrone Power), a likeable fellow who's accused of murdering a wealthy widow. The case is turned on its head when Vole's loving wife "Marlene Dietrich) announces that they are not really married and agrees to be a witness for the prosecution.

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There has been several film version of Jane's Austen 
"Pride and Prejudice" I have watched them all but for me it's the one starring, Greer Carson and Laurence Olivier. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett have five unmarried daughters. She will do any and everything to marry them off. When rich and single, Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy come to town. The race is on when Mrs. Bennett pull out all of the stops to land rich husbands for her daughters. But pride, prejudice, and misunderstanding come into play that make their relationships and happiness difficult.

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Madame X-Lana Turner,John Forsythe

 Lana Turner plays one of the best roles of her career in this stunning and emotional adaptation of Alexandre Bisson’s classic play. This was a sad one but Lady Lana played a convincing role Turner is the ill-fated Holly Anderson, blackmailed by her evil mother-in-law (Constance Bennett) into leaving her politician husband (John Forsythe) and their baby, after she kills her playboy lover (Ricardo Montablan). She lives in depravity. Twenty years later, fates raises its ugly head again, when she befriended by  (Burgess Meredith)  who finds out her true identity and plans to blackmail her family. When she discovers his true intentions, she shoots him, she finds herself on trial for murder. As luck would have it, the young defense attorney assigned to defend her is her own son (Keir Dullea).

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 Mildred Pierce-Joan Crawford, Jack Carson, Zachary Scott

 This is a movie where you want to tear your hair out. Smack your daughter. But she is your flesh and blood, so what can you do. After her husband cheats on her and leaves her for another woman, Mildred Pierce (Joan Crawford) dotes on her daughter. Whatever Veda wants, her mother, Mildred Pierce provides.  She manages to get a loan and open a restaurant. The restaurant does well and she manages to open a chain of restaurants. Meanwhile, her spoil daughter, Veda pretends to be pregnant by a young man to get $10,000. Mildred has had enough and orders Veda to leave. As time passes, Mildred has a change of heart. She goes and find, Veda singing in a cheap, sleazy nightclub. Veda tells her mother, she will only return, if she promises to return her to the lifestyle, she'd grown accustom too. Mildred agrees and allow her to come back home. But a leopard never changes it spots, and Veda is back to her old tricks___this time, having a affair with her Mother's husband, Monte. But it doesn't go as plan and the end results forces, Veda to finally  pay for her sins.

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