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Multiple Marriages: How Many Toads Do You Have To Kiss Before Meeting Prince Charming?

        Is It The Real Thing This Time? 

Since we were little girls we wanted to be like Cinderella. We dreamed of one day hoping Prince Charming would ride in and sweep us off our feet. He'd whisked us off to his castle and we would live happily ever after. THE END.

Ahhh.. if only it was that simple. The reality is that most women have to kiss a lot of toads before meeting Prince Charming and for a good majority it's just a dream. Instead they are left with nothing but warts. Even if that is the case many women will still walk down the aisle_just for the sake of marriage. They want to be Cinderella.

As a divorcee, I can honestly say once down the aisle was enough for me. Some people say, I shouldn't think that way and try it again. Maybe. But for the time being I'm enjoying living the single life and have no plans of fixing what isn't broken. A lot of women don't feel the way that I do and that's fine. They like marriage. The idea of being married. The idea of being with someone. They want and crave love or the idea of being in love. Can you blame them? When it works it's a beautiful thing. Some of them choose to walk down the aisle three, four times, some even more in hopes that this time it's the real thing___not that there is anything wrong with that.

We mostly hear about multiple marriages among the Hollywood community but there are a lot of non-celebrities who follow the same trend. Of course you don't hear about them unless your name is, Elizabeth Taylor, Larry King, Mickey Rooney, Halle Berry or Jennifer Lopez, no one seems to care.
The Wall Street Journal describe these people of having "a complex marital biography" I agree that maybe that's the case in some instances but who knows for sure. Young or old people, right or wrong couples are walking down the aisle more than once in record numbers.

According to Susan Brown and I-Fen-Lin of Bowling Green State University, for people over 50 and older the divorce rate has doubled over the last twenty years. If you have been married previously doubles the risk for divorce for those ages 50 to 64 and the risk for those ages 65 and up is quadrupled. Young people are also getting married and divorced at a alarming rate. The divorce rate is over 50%.

I'm attending a wedding in May. This will be the bride-to-be's fourth time saying "I Do". She's in her 40's. She's happy. Excited about the big day. According to her "this time this is it." But I remember her saying the same about the first three husbands. When I asked why she was getting married again, she smiled and said "She finally found her soul mate." I sincerely hope she has. I've met her future husband. I can honestly say, I like the guy. I wish the couple-to-be many blissful years to come.

I've also spoken to several other couples who married more than once. They all say the same: They don't regret any of the previous marriages. The experience made them older, wiser, and prepared them for who they are now, making them better husbands and wives. They took chances and made mistakes. After all, love isn't easy. Marriage is even harder.

Look at it this way, sometimes you have to kiss a lot of toads before you meet Prince Charming.

What do you think of multiple marriages? Do you think it's right to continue walking down the aisle in search of your prince?

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