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Classic Movie (Imitation Of Life) 1959-Lana Turner, Juanita Moore

Imitation Of Life
I remember watching, "Imitation of Life" starring Lana Turner and John Gavin with my Mother for the first time and cried like a baby. I must have with through a box of tissue. Whenever I watch this great classic, the tears still flow. To hear Mahalia Jackson sing, "Trouble of The World," at the end breaks your heart into a million pieces. If anyone can sit through that scene and not shed a tear___they are not human.

 Imitation of Life, is one of the biggest/best films of Lana Turner's career. It was the fourth-most successful motion picture of 1959, grossing $6.4 million and  earned a Academy Award nomination performance for Juanita Moore, which was rare for a African American at the time. The film focused on the problems of two black characters, a plot that was almost unheard of at the time. The film is considered a masterpiece, for Director Douglas Sirk.

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In this Romantic Drama, a struggling actress, raising a six-years-old daughter, takes in a black woman and her light skinned daughter. Both daughters  are intolerable and trying to deal with emotional issues. Annie is neurotic and obnoxious. Sarah Jane doesn't like being black and tries to pass for white, rejecting her mother's love and breaking her heart. Laura rises to fame and become successful, ignoring Sarah Jane. As years of selfishness and denial pass, tragedy strikes and forces the women to come to terms with their own identities.

They don't make films like this anymore. It is the reason, I'm hooked on these movies. Today, I make it movie night. I pop a large bag of popcorn, plop down on the sofa__in my pajamas of course and get lost in time.

Joan Crawford
Since classic movies has become my favorite past time. My list of favorite movies, actors, and actresses have grown over the years. For instance, Joan Crawford mesmerized me whenever she was on the screen. Whether she was playing, a love interest, a vixen, or a woman is distress, she gave a grand performance. For instance in the movie, Mildred Pierce, she was a successful businesswoman, that doted on her daughter with detrimental consequences. A powerful and convincing role, she won me over. I will be a fan forever.

I will always watch, Bette Davis. The first time I saw her was in "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?"  A psychological thriller about a actress who holds her cripple sister captive to get people to idolize her. She made my skin crawl. It was a successful role for Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.  Earning a Academy Award nod for both women.

There are many other lovely ladies I loved on the screen, Doris Day, Thelma Ritter, Rita Hayworth, and Grace Kelly to name a few.

Errol Flynn
I can't forget the men. I became a huge fan of Errol Flynn, after watching him in Dodge City, Captain Blood, and Robin Hood. It's hard not to love him.

Who wasn't on the edge of their seats, watching Rod Taylor in Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The Birds" or laugh at Rock Hudson performance as a fake, Texan to win over Doris Day in "Pillow Talk."

As you see I'm a classic movie fan. I can't help it. The looks, the glamour, the fashion, and the stars fascinates me.

Are you a Classic Movie fan? If so what is your favorite movie?


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                                             Mahalia Jackson- Trouble Of This World


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